Name of the Game / by Monika McGreal Viola

(Previously Blogged, Summer 2015)

 What’s in a name? Or a symbol, or a flag, for that matter. Just about everything these days. With so much tension in the world surrounding race, nationality, and personal identity, ardent supporters of the name Washington Redskins will probably find fewer sympathizers than they did at this stage in the game last year. The recent ruling to revoke the Redskins trademark signals that it’s only a matter of time before another naming debacle in the District (cough — Wizards — cough). While everyone in the sports world has been arguing whether to change or not to change, why doesn’t anyone take a page from the daily headlines and, instead, look for a compromise? 

    As a longtime Washingtonian — however, not a Redskins fan — I claim to be an unbiased observer of the will they/won’t they controversy surrounding the Washington football moniker. I humbly cast my vote for this solution: Pigskins

    Renaming the Washington Redskins — and, let’s be honest, it’s going to happen, folks — to the Washington Pigskins would be an actual attempt to meet in the middle. Believe me, I understand those who don’t think it necessary to do even that. Still, for all those boys and girls out there who grew up cherishing the burgundy and gold, I throw Pigskins on the table. For the population rightly offended by Redskins, the name is dead and gone. For those diehard Skins fans… well, they still can be diehard Skins fans. Plus, the name Pigskins keeps it all in the family with a gentle nod to the legendary offensive line, the Hogs, which led the team to three Super Bowl Championships under Joe Gibbs. If you believe in football juju, Pigskins comes about as close as you can get. Added bonus, all those crazy pig snouts worn by the Hoggettes still would be totally relevant. And, the name stays on topic with a solid gold football reference… who doesn’t love the ol’ pigskin? 

    Now, in terms of the logo. Obviously, the side profile must go. But, let’s think, what about the R? Maybe, just maybe, the franchise could drop the final curly cue and transform it into a P, paying homage to the throwback helmet. This would at least buy management time to focus on what football is supposed to be about. No, I don’t mean the NFL scamming a load of people out of their hard-earned money. I mean running the ball, playing good defensive, winning one for the fans. Let’s bring a name to Washington that everyone can get behind because, if there’s one thing Washington football needs right now, it’s unity. So, come on, Skins fans, can I get an oink, oink?